About us

About Bitcoin Nature

Bitcoin Nature is the first decentralized digital currency which represents the nature. It is basically an Erc20 token which connects the two biggest cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its core project based on Bitcoin also its total supply is 210 million which is 10x the total supply of Bitcoin. So you can called it 10x BTC. But it uses the Ethereum platform to reduce the transaction cost as low as possible. So it also supports ethereum coin.

This project is not only based on nature or to save Natural Resources but also based on bringing a revolution on the next generation transaction policy.

The total supply of this coin is very low. So its price will be huge in the next days. Our team is working hard to bring its own blockchain so that it will be more easy to transact and acceptable for all.


Token distribution programme :


We allocated 105 million ( 50% of total supply ) tokens for token sale. We sell all the tokens in 3 phases ( phase-1, phase-3 and phase-3) .


Almost 42 million ( 20% of total supply ) tokens are reserved for devoloping our projects.


21 million ( 10% of total supply ) tokes are allocated for giveway, bounty and airdrops


21 million ( 10% of total supply ) tokens are reserved for our core team, marketing team and advisory team.


21 million ( 10% of total supply ) tokens are allocated for our developer team and blockchain experts.


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